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System Requirements Version 2021.1

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System requirements for version 2021.1 of the CRM solutions by CURSOR Software AG

■ Also supports

■ Also supports internationalization ■ Optional use of nested sub reports A runtime installation on clients is not required. The client should, however, have an Acrobat Reader installation to view the reports supplied by the server in PDF format. Where other formats are required, the matching apps should also be installed. Designers of new reports must have access to the REPORT database scheme, which should be implemented either on the central database server or on another computer that is accessible for report designers (poss. based on the free Express Edition). A CURSOR-CRM client and the named access (via JDBC) to the REPORT database/instance must also be provided. 11. Groupware connection A Groupware system can be implemented either via a client-side Outlook connection, which communicates with the Outlook client via the MAPI interface, or by way of a Groupware server (MS Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes). The client-side Outlook interface option has established itself as standard where Rich Clients are used. To ensure that the Rich Client has access to Outlook, the following group policy settings must not deviate from the default value: User configuration -> policy -> administrative templates -> Microsoft Outlook 2016 -> security -> security formular settings -> programmatical security ■ Configure the prompt for the Outlook object model when accessing an address book ■ default value: Prompt users based on their computer security ■ Configure prompt for Outlook object model when reading address information ■ default value: Prompt users based on their computer security In he case of a Web Client or the inbox manager, a server-side interface technology is used, i.e. the data is not synchronized via the Groupware client, but directly with the server instead. The mail interface generally requires a mail server that supports the SMTP and IMAP protocols, which is why the corresponding services must be activated on the groupware server (Note: IMAPS with SSL or TLS possible). In the case of MS Exchange, it is also possible to use the mail interface via the Exchange Web Service API (EWS API). The appointment and task synchronization is implemented via the API of the Groupware system. In the case of MS Exchange, the Exchange Web Service API will therefore be used, which must be available in at least Exchange 2013 for server-side appointment and task synchronization (e.g. on the Web Client). The EWS interface is supported only with the authentication method "Integrated Windows Authentication" (NTLM or Kerberos). In a Lotus Notes connection, the CRM system accesses the Domino server via the DIIOP protocol. Furthermore, an internet password must be set and database browsing via the internet must also be permitted. Authentication therefore occurs by way of the so-called internet password in the Notes user document of the NAB (name and address book). Notes regarding the use of CURSOR-CRM Web in the cloud System Requirements | Author: Gebriyel Varli |Date: 27.04.2021 | 15

Prerequisite for mail functionality is that a hosted application server can access the mail server via the SMTP/IMAP interface (at MS Exchange alternatively via EWS interface). For security reasons, the firewall must be configured in such a way as to limit external access of the application server to the mail server only. MS Exchange will be required as a Groupware server if you wish to implement the appointment and task synchronization. The Exchange server is accessed via Exchange Web Service (EWS) interface in conjunction with OAuth2 authentication, that means the option must be enabled, that EWS can be used with OAuth2 authentication. 12. Office Suite Use MS Office 2013, 2016 or 2019 for your Office area implementation. The integration with Office 365 has been tested and approved for local installation. However, there is no connection for the web / online versions of MS Word and MS Excel. 13. Telephony integration Server-based CTI integration For a telephony integration, you can use a server-based CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), which is available in the Web Client and Rich Client. The telephone system is accessed directly via a communication module provided by our partner Clarity AG. We recommend installing the CTI server on the same machine as the application server. However, if installation on a separate machine is desired, the following requirements must be observed: ■ 2 CPU cores with min. 2,7 GHz ■ >= 4 GB RAM ■ >= 100 GB hard drive space ■ Network connection to the application server: >= 1 GBit/s (LAN) ■ >= Windows Server 2012 ■ Fully implemented RFC-compliant CSTA, JTAPI or MS-TAPI interface to the telephone system. Alternative connections require a technical examination. CTI uses the quick start bar in the CRM system to e.g. log and track missed calls. Client-side TAPI interface With the conversion of the Rich Client to 64 bit, a client-side TAPI connection is no longer possible, therefore the use of server-based CTI integration is recommended. System Requirements | Author: Gebriyel Varli |Date: 27.04.2021 | 16



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