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CURSOR ist seit mehr als 30 Jahren auf Software und Beratung für das Kunden- und Geschäftsprozessmanagement – CRM und BPM – spezialisiert. Mit Softwareentwicklung, Beratung, Softwareeinführung, Schulung und Support erhalten Sie ein umfassendes Leistungsspektrum aus einer Hand. Herausragendes Merkmal ist die Flexibilität der Anwendungen. Ob on-premise oder aus der CURSOR Cloud: Branchenspezifische und individuelle Anforderungen werden exakt abgebildet, Anpassungen können jederzeit umgesetzt werden.

Unternehmen der Energiewirtschaft (Produkte: EVI für Energieversorger, Stadtwerke und Energiedienstleister und TINA für Netzbetreiber), Banken und Finanzdienstleister sowie Dienstleistungs- und Industrieunternehmen (Produkt: CURSOR-CRM) profitieren so von exakt an ihren Anforderungen ausgerichteten Geschäftsprozessen.

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System Requierements for SaaS Version 2022.1

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System requirements for SaaS version 2022.1 of the CRM solutions by CURSOR Software AG


Version Internet browser Tablet browser Network bandwidth Version 20.2 ■ Google Chrome (from version 79) ■ Mozilla Firefox (from version 72, ESR from 68.x) ■ MS Edge on Chromium base (from version 79) ■ Safari on Mac devices (version 12.x or higher)******* ■ Safari on iOS >=12 ■ Chrome and Firefox on Android 7*** ■ Download >=1,5 MBit/s ■ Upload >= 750 KBit/s *** Tests are based on Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus, for other devices no guarantee for unlimited use. ***** Operation on Safari is subject to general restrictions (such as no auto-login, no advanced document handling, no external calls, no drag-and-drop of Outlook mails, no linked documents, no keyboard shortcuts). 5.4 CURSOR - App App version CURSOR server version Operating system Network bandwidth 2022.1.x ■ 2022.1 ■ iOS >=14 ■ Android ab 8****** 2021.2.x ■ 2021.2 ■ iOS >=14 2021.1.x ■ 2021.1 ■ iOS >=13 ■ Android v. 8***** or higher ■ Android v. 7***** or higher 2020.2.x ■ 2020.2 ■ iOS 12 (iPhone 5s or higher) ■ Android v. 7***** or higher Minimum 768 KBit/s Minimum 768 KBit/s Minimum 768 KBit/s Minimum 768 KBit/s ****** The Android system WebView must be installed to allow the mapping of the INFOBOARDS in the CURSOR app. Tips for CURSOR app updates The CURSOR app must be updated to the matching major release version when the server version is updated. The server and CURSOR app versions don't necessarily have to have exactly the same patch version installed. System Requirements for SaaS | Author: Gebriyel Varli |Date: 12.05.2022 | 7

Imprint As per: Ver. 2022.1.x | 12.05.2022 Author: Gebriyel Varli In the interest of our customers, we are constantly striving to improve our solutions and documentations. Should you have any improvement suggestions concerning the content or the presentation, or if there is any other aspect that you would like us to know about, please do not hesitate to contact us. Comments and suggestions for improvements are gladly accepted at support@cursor.de. The content of this documentation, including all images, illustrations, tables and drawings, is the intellectual property of CURSOR Software AG. This documentation may not be duplicated, reproduced or transmitted in any way and for any purpose whatsoever, whether in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of CURSOR Software AG. Any infringement can result in criminal proceedings. The content of this documentation is subject to changes without prior notice. The documentation has been written and reproduced with the utmost care. Nevertheless, errors cannot be excluded. CURSOR Software AG does not assume any liability, guarantee or responsibility for any kind of damage resulting from errors in this documentation. Please note that the software and hardware names and brand names of the respective companies mentioned in this documentation are generally protected by brand, trademark and patent laws. Should you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact your contact persons from our sales, consulting and support departments. They will be glad to assist you. Contact Person: Friedrich-List-Strasse 31 Gebriyel Varli 35398 Giessen Software Development Director Phone +49 641 4 00 00 - 0 Phone +49 641 4 00 00 - 900 Fax +49 641 4 0000 - 666 gebriyel.varli@cursor.de www.cursor.de System Requirements for SaaS | Author: Gebriyel Varli |Date: 12.05.2022 | 8

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