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CURSOR ist seit mehr als 30 Jahren auf Software und Beratung für das Kunden- und Geschäftsprozessmanagement – CRM und BPM – spezialisiert. Mit Softwareentwicklung, Beratung, Softwareeinführung, Schulung und Support erhalten Sie ein umfassendes Leistungsspektrum aus einer Hand. Herausragendes Merkmal ist die Flexibilität der Anwendungen. Ob on-premise oder aus der CURSOR Cloud: Branchenspezifische und individuelle Anforderungen werden exakt abgebildet, Anpassungen können jederzeit umgesetzt werden.

Unternehmen der Energiewirtschaft (Produkte: EVI für Energieversorger, Stadtwerke und Energiedienstleister und TINA für Netzbetreiber), Banken und Finanzdienstleister sowie Dienstleistungs- und Industrieunternehmen (Produkt: CURSOR-CRM) profitieren so von exakt an ihren Anforderungen ausgerichteten Geschäftsprozessen.

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System Requierements for SaaS Version 2022.1

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System requirements for SaaS version 2022.1 of the CRM solutions by CURSOR Software AG

2. Clients

2. Clients for SaaS 2.1 Web Client ■ The internet browser will require a main storage between 300 and 600 MB depending on version and system customizing. ■ Network connection (per client) to the application server: Download >= 1.5 MBit/s, Upload >= 750 KBit/s ■ >= 500 MB hard disk space for downloaded documents ■ Java Runtime is not required ■ Screen resolution for desktop PCs / notebooks min. 1280 x 1024 px, tablet PCs 1024 x 768 px The following browser versions are currently supported for desktop PCs / notebooks: ■ Google Chrome: The use of the most current version is recommended (>= 99). ■ Mozilla Firefox version 98 and higher, ESR variant version 91 and higher. ■ MS Edge on Chromium base (>= 99). In addition, the following browsers are supported with restrictions: ■ Mac computer: Use on the basis of the current Safari version, whereby the suppression of popups in Safari must be deactivated. Nevertheless, operation is subject to general restrictions (e.g. no auto-login, no extended document handling, no external calls, no drag and drop of Outlook mails, no linked documents, no keyboard shortcuts) ■ iPad: Use on the basis of the current Safari version, whereby the suppression of pop-ups in Safari must be deactivated. Nevertheless, the operation is subject to the same restrictions as with Mac computers as well as additional restrictions (e.g. no document upload, no drag and drop of documents, no double-click function, no individual positioning of mask separators) ■ Android tablet PCs: Tablet PCs with Android 5 or higher in connection with Chrome or Firefox, whereby in the case of Chrome, document downloads will only work with an officially signed certificate. In addition, the same restrictions apply here as for iPads. Our internal tests are based on Samsung Galaxy Tab and Google Nexus; usage can therefore not be guaranteed for other device types. "Scripting" / "JavaScript" must be enabled for all browser variants used. An HTTPS operations certificate must also be set up. When using browser extensions, e.g. SpellChecker, unexpected behavior may occur in the web client (especially in the HTML editor) which is not influenced by our software. Therefore, the use of such extensions is strongly discouraged. For comfortable use of the web client, especially the advanced document handling as well as external calls, the setup of the CURSOR Browser Extension as well as the installation of the CURSOR Communication Host is on the windows platform required. For more information, refer to the installation manual. 2.2 Administrative Client Access to a separate administrative client is currently required for the administration and customizing of the CRM system. The access is provided via ene't Navigator or Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access). System Requirements for SaaS | Author: Gebriyel Varli |Date: 12.05.2022 | 3

2.3 CURSOR App ■ iOS >=14 ■ Android from v. 8: The Android system WebView must be installed to allow the mapping of the INFOBOARDS in the CURSOR app. ■ Here too, the following applies for mobile network connections: Download >= 768 KBit/s, Upload >= 128 KBit/s. ■ During the system login it is checked whether a valid certificate is stored in the JBoss Application server which has been issued by a trustworthy certification authority. The (self-signed) certificate pre-installed on delivery is not sufficient and must be replaced by a customer-specific, valid certificate. ■ ■ Note: This applies to all systems used (development system, QA/acceptance system and production system). As of version 13, iOS restricts the maximum validity of certificates issued after 07/01/2019 to 825 days (source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210176). 3. Groupware Connection As a prerequisite for the mail functionality in SaaS operation, an application server must access the mail server via the Exchange Web Service API (EWS) or alternatively via SMTP/IMAP. For security reasons, the firewall should be used to ensure that only the application server accesses the mail server from the outside. This can be done via site-to-site VPN or access restricted to IP address ranges. MS Exchange is required as groupware server for the use of appointment and task synchronization. The access is via EWS interface in connection with OAuth2 authentication, i. H. the possibility must be enabled that EWS can be used with OAuth2 authentication. 4. Office Suite Use MS Office 2013, 2016 or 2019 for your Office area implementation. The Integration with Office 365 is tested and approved in case of local installation. However, no connection exists for the web/online versions of MS Word and MS Excel. 5. System component approval The following section discusses the viability of the individual CURSOR-CRM components in their respective systems and in the context of other software solutions. System Requirements for SaaS | Author: Gebriyel Varli |Date: 12.05.2022 | 4

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