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CURSOR ist seit 30 Jahren auf Software und Beratung für das Kunden- und Geschäftsprozessmanagement – CRM und BPM – spezialisiert. Mit Softwareentwicklung, Beratung, Softwareeinführung, Schulung und Support erhalten Sie ein umfassendes Leistungsspektrum aus einer Hand. Herausragendes Merkmal ist die Flexibilität der Anwendungen: Branchenspezifische und individuelle Anforderungen werden exakt abgebildet, Anpassungen können jederzeit umgesetzt werden.

Unternehmen der Energiewirtschaft (Produkte: EVI für Energieversorger, Stadtwerke und Energiedienstleister und TINA für Netzbetreiber), Banken und Finanzdienstleister sowie Dienstleistungs- und Industrieunternehmen (Produkte: CURSOR-CRM Web und CURSOR-CRM) profitieren so von exakt an ihren Anforderungen ausgerichteten Geschäftsprozessen.

vor 3 Jahren

EVI and TINA: CRM 4.0 for the Energy Sector

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More than 100 energy suppliers trust in the experience and industry knowledge of CURSOR Software AG for their CRM software and related consulting needs. EVI is the leading CRM solution for sales, marketing and service in the energy industry (market role 'supplier'). TINA is the platform for grid-specific business processes of distribution, transmission grid and transmission system operators.

Raise Your Score in

Raise Your Score in the Private Customer Segment ESCs gain efficiency via digital business processes that are standardized and automated. What is needed here is a CRM solution that will automate sales and customer processes for SLP customers. To that end, EVI and TINA contain tools for BPM (Business Process Management). Business experts model the business processes in BPM, which can then be used quickly and easily by the users. Steffen Homrighausen, Project Manager Private Customer Processes at CURSOR Software AG, explains: "We provide a specialist cockpit in EVI and TINA that simplifies workflows for the customer support team. Each team member will have all the information at hand in this cockpit that will be needed to place a quote successfully. When a customer, for example, calls the support hotline of the ESC, then the support representative is shown a dialog window in the CRM software that will allow them to offer professional and knowledgeable support for the relevant customer. A direct comparison of the own quote with competi- tor products will allow the representative to make an acceptable offer in every sense of the word. At the same time, the representative will have an opportunity for cross-selling offers as well." BPM AS A TURBO DRIVE FOR YOUR BUSINESS PROCESSES EVI and TINA offer tried and tested procedures for private customer processes. Moving house, quote creation, meter registration, anticipated payment adjustment, tariff management, termination or customer recovery – every single process is basically provided as 'ready to proceed'. Additionally, all process steps can be fine-tuned individually for any company. ovag Energie AG manages over 200,000 customers in Germany's Central and Upper Hesse region. Holger Ruppel, Head of Energy Supply Sales and authorized signatory for the company, has been working with EVI for many years: "The BPM model has become the turbo drive for our business processes. We were able to improve all our routine tasks and can now create new customers in the system or process meter registrations almost entirely without additional manual work of our staff." Holger Ruppel, Sales Director ovag Energie AG 8

Success in the Business Customer Segment Energy management is undergoing dynamic change. Driven by tough competition and the energy revolution, a need for exploring new business models has become apparent. The margins are decreasing and cost pressure is on the rise – new products must be developed and marketed successfully. THAT MEANS TWO CORE REQUIREMENTS FOR CRM: 1. The mapping of energy-specific,'out of the box' standard processes 2. Superior flexibility to implement new require ments quickly and with reasonable effort. The utility company Stadtwerke Giessen AG (SWG) has been working successfully with EVI in the business customer segment since 2014. Its main advantage here is the transparency of the visualized RLM quote process. Human error and processing times are significantly reduced. Thomas Wagner, Head of Sales Industry and Business Customers sees a particular advantage in the high flexibility of the software. In his opinion, this flexibility allows very quick responses to spontaneous market developments: "EVI allows us to act faster and more flexible in terms of adjustments in the system and the operative quote processes." Süwag Vertrieb AG & Co. KG in Frankfurt-Höchst has been working with EVI since 2017 and appreciates the fact that it supports the digitalization efforts in the company. EVI is used as a basis for allowing the B2B business activities to culminate in CRM activities in an automated format. The standardized work processes and a simplified data entry result in a current and comprehensive dataset. That information is then used as a basis for analyses and contributes to a systematic improvement of the quote. "EVI has allowed us to reach new levels in B2B customer management, which optimally supportsthe sales team in their acquisition efforts." Thomas Fösel, authorized signatory and Head of B2B Sales Süwag Vertrieb AG & Co. KG 9



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