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CURSOR ist seit mehr als 30 Jahren auf Software und Beratung für das Kunden- und Geschäftsprozessmanagement – CRM und BPM – spezialisiert. Mit Softwareentwicklung, Beratung, Softwareeinführung, Schulung und Support erhalten Sie ein umfassendes Leistungsspektrum aus einer Hand. Herausragendes Merkmal ist die Flexibilität der Anwendungen. Ob on-premise oder aus der CURSOR Cloud: Branchenspezifische und individuelle Anforderungen werden exakt abgebildet, Anpassungen können jederzeit umgesetzt werden.

Unternehmen der Energiewirtschaft (Produkte: EVI für Energieversorger, Stadtwerke und Energiedienstleister und TINA für Netzbetreiber), Banken und Finanzdienstleister sowie Dienstleistungs- und Industrieunternehmen (Produkt: CURSOR-CRM) profitieren so von exakt an ihren Anforderungen ausgerichteten Geschäftsprozessen.

vor 4 Jahren

EVI and TINA: CRM 4.0 for the Energy Sector

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More than 100 energy suppliers trust in the experience and industry knowledge of CURSOR Software AG for their CRM software and related consulting needs. EVI is the leading CRM solution for sales, marketing and service in the energy industry (market role 'supplier'). TINA is the platform for grid-specific business processes of distribution, transmission grid and transmission system operators.


Factors for Success in the Energy Sector The energy market is becoming increasingly dynamic and competition is fierce in the business and private customer sector. Aside from their traditional task of providing power and gas, energy supply companies will have to offer their customers added value. More competition also means that customers tend to expect more, resulting in an increasingly complex product portfolio for ESCs to manage. TAKING CONTROL OF DYNAMICS AND COM- PLEXITY Taking control of that growing complexity is therefore a very important task. EVI and TINA offer your employees an intuitive, user-friendly GUI. Each user can customize the CRM cockpit to suit their needs. Jürgen Heidak, Consulting Director: Customers can then receive the requested services quickly and at a high quality: Requested information, documentation, quotes, contract adjustments and much more. Current and past transactions are transparent and traceable. A holiday replacement will have all the information at their fingertips and there will be no need to put customers off. And last but not least, EVI and TINA allow the immediate handling of complaints, which means that many issues can be resolved right away. TURBO DRIVE FOR BUSINESS PROCESSES The ever changing market requires ESCs to continuously improve their processes. EVI and TINA have become veritable turbo drives for business processes. "Our objective is to offer companies tools like the 'cockpit', which allows a complete overview of all customer data at a glance.“ "The CRM solution has become a core component of our operational and workflow organization. EVI has allowed us to implement a holistic approach for our business management." Paul Weis, Managing Director LuxEnergie S.A. 4

Importance Electricity Gas Water Heat Energy Services Photovoltaics Public Transport Swimming Pools Metering Point Operation Electric Mobility Tenant Electricity New Business One CRM for All Business Areas in Sales and Grid EVI and TINA users praise the great flexibility of the CRM software. This flexibility allows the mapping and interconnection of current and future business areas of the ESC. A consistent use of CRM in all business areas offers the most benefits. The margins for current business areas like power and gas are decreasing. New and innovative products are needed to guarantee income in the future. High customer orientation and professional customer management with the right tools are essential prerequisites. The high flexibility of EVI and TINA will have you perfectly prepared for all current and future business areas. EVI and TINA interlink your business areas (power, gas, water, district heating, EDL/ contracting, private and public transport, metering point operation, electro mobility, waste disposal, telecommunication...). The CRM solutions adapt to your specific requirements and changing market conditions to guarantee future viability. Current Business Areas Future Business Areas CRM interlinks current and future business areas 5

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