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Hier finden Sie Anwenderberichte und Informationsmaterial rund um die CRM-Lösungen der CURSOR Software AG.

CURSOR ist seit mehr als 30 Jahren auf Software und Beratung für das Kunden- und Geschäftsprozessmanagement – CRM und BPM – spezialisiert. Mit Softwareentwicklung, Beratung, Softwareeinführung, Schulung und Support erhalten Sie ein umfassendes Leistungsspektrum aus einer Hand. Herausragendes Merkmal ist die Flexibilität der Anwendungen. Ob on-premise oder aus der CURSOR Cloud: Branchenspezifische und individuelle Anforderungen werden exakt abgebildet, Anpassungen können jederzeit umgesetzt werden.

Unternehmen der Energiewirtschaft (Produkte: EVI für Energieversorger, Stadtwerke und Energiedienstleister und TINA für Netzbetreiber), Banken und Finanzdienstleister sowie Dienstleistungs- und Industrieunternehmen (Produkt: CURSOR-CRM) profitieren so von exakt an ihren Anforderungen ausgerichteten Geschäftsprozessen.

vor 4 Jahren

EVI and TINA: CRM 4.0 for the Energy Sector

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More than 100 energy suppliers trust in the experience and industry knowledge of CURSOR Software AG for their CRM software and related consulting needs. EVI is the leading CRM solution for sales, marketing and service in the energy industry (market role 'supplier'). TINA is the platform for grid-specific business processes of distribution, transmission grid and transmission system operators.

Automation Saves Time

Automation Saves Time and Money EFFICIENT PROCESS MANAGEMENT WITH THE PROCESS AUTOMATION PLATFORM The visualization and implementation of business processes is at the heart of Business Process Management (BPM). BPM allows the automation of business processes. That saves time, reduces costs and increases quality. This quality increase is achieved by guiding users through each step of the process. Even the most complex processes are simplified significantly and errors are prevented. Network Automation CRM 4.0 Business Processes Integration NO LIMITS FOR PROCESS DESIGN The freedom you have in process design is virtually limitless. Customer as well as business processes can be digitalized quickly and easily. The spectrum of options includes the automation of standard workflows in daily operations (e.g. the interactive creation of a quote for a private or business customer) on the one side, and process mapping beyond system, area and company limits on the other. "BPM ensures efficiency, transparency, speed and flexibility. For the bottom line that means, for example, lower production costs, faster work results, happy employees and customers." Stefan-Markus Eschner, CTO CURSOR Software AG 16

"Our quotes and contracts are complex and customized. EVI allows us to automate individual process steps and entire processes effectively." Dr. Roland Blaschek Head of Energy Price & Process Management Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG YOUR ADVANTAGES WITH CURSOR-BPM Easy and intuitive visualization of business processes Employees are guided through the process step by step Optimization and automation of business processes Clear responsibilities BPM ensures efficiency, speed and flexibility Higher process quality based on crossdepartmental transparency Visualization of KPIs for all processes Valuable resource savings Problem analysis and prevention A well-founded basis of current data for decisions (instead of 'guesstimates') Increased agility for faster responses to market conditions Greater employee satisfaction due to improved teamwork The process overview in CURSOR-BPM displays all information about the selected process at a glance for easy and quick navigation. 17

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